foundation failure, foundation repair, cracks, cracked wall, cracked brickIf you’re noticing cracks in the foundation or in your walls, it could be a sign that you are in need of foundation repair. Whether it be from erosion, soil problems or plant growth, foundation failure needs repairing as soon as possible. Although they may seem like minor cosmetic problems, they can quickly develop into much more serious issues. Large cracks or breaks in your walls, leaking and the structural separation of chimneys, doors and windows from your home, and also sloping or floors with cracks are all the results of foundation failure.

If the foundation of your home requires a contractor with experience, or you need to install a foundation correctly the first time, we can help you. At Reeves General Contractors, we handle laying foundations and foundation repair using the helical pier systems. Our bracket design supports over 100,000lbs of load and have an unparalleled corrosion protection. We install these systems using products from MacLean-Dixie HFS, a leading manufacturer of helical pier products.


reeves-house-cutawayhelical pier system is one of the more preferred repair and installation solutions in the foundation industry. Helical piers safely stabilize existing foundations and, furthermore, guarantee the stability of the home when using before home construction projects. One of the main benefits of using a helical pier foundation system is that it not only enhances the integrity of your home’s existing foundation, but it also saves you money. Other advantages include:

 • Design for small buildings
• The ability to withstand storm surges
• It can be used in unstable soil areas for new home construction projects
• Quick installation
• It is an alternative to moving or demolishing your home
• Proven with small to large sized chimneys


We use the helical pier foundation system because this method stabilizes a home while preventing significant disturbances to surrounding property or nearby landscaping. During the repair process, we first screw the helical pier into the ground until a stable soil area is reached, and once it is installed, we then place a bracket underneath the footing of the foundation to keep the pier in place. This bracket ensures that the foundation is supported by the pier. As a result, the foundation is fully stabilized. We handle the entire process, which includes:

  • Demolition, if necessary
  • Excavation
  • Pouring of footings
Call us today and let Reeves General Contractors fix your foundation.